Analyst, West Bank

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Analyst, West Bank

Job description

Based in the region, the analyst will research, produce reports and other written materials, and conduct advocacy on security, political, governance and social issues related to the Palestinians – including all major PLO and non-PLO factions, popular resistance groups, militias, and social movements – and their relations with Israel and other actors in the region.


  • Conducts extensive field research and provides analysis on prevailing security, social, legal, governance and political issues;

  • Develops networks of contacts in government, political and social actors, and international stakeholders;

  • Proposes policy initiatives for governmental, intergovernmental, political, and non-governmental stakeholders to address and resolve sources of conflict;

  • Prepares detailed reports, briefing papers and short publications setting out relevant research findings and policy recommendations;

  • Represents Crisis Group to media and conducts high-level advocacy.

Candidates should apply before 29 April, 2018.


  • Master’s degree in international relations, political science, journalism, sociology or equivalent through experience;

  • Three to five years’ professional experience in government, academia, international organisations, NGOs or journalism;

  • Extensive knowledge of politics and society in Palestine, with ability to interact with a wide array of political actors, from all political factions;

  • Experience in short and long-form English language writing;

  • Extensive contacts in Palestine and ability to arrange interviews with leading political figures, activists, and other stakeholders;

  • Excellent writing, editing and analytical skills and ability to formulate well-targeted policy recommendations;

  • Fluency in English; excellent or fluent Arabic;

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including good public presentation skills, and a very strong capacity for effective teamwork; and,

  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced and often demanding environment.