Senior Analyst, Gulf

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Senior Analyst, Gulf

Job description

Purpose of the role:  Based in the region, the Senior Analyst will research and produce policy reports on conflict-related issues in the Gulf, particularly the foreign policies of Gulf states and how they affect conflicts elsewhere.  


Specific responsibilities:

  • Conducts extensive field research in the Gulf States;

  • Provides written analyses on the key issues;

  • Prepares detailed reports, briefing papers and other written products (op-eds, commentaries, short notes) setting out relevant research findings and policy recommendations in concise and clear fashion;

  • Proposes policy initiatives for governmental, intergovernmental, political, and non-governmental stakeholders to address the underlying issues;

  • Advocates -- locally, nationally and internationally, as appropriate -- and represents Crisis Group at events and meetings and in the media;

  • Provides general support to the  Program and Deputy Program Directors for Crisis Group activities and projects in the region;

  • Works closely with other members of the MENA team, as well as the Africa Program;

  • If required supervises consultants and/or stringers.

Candidates should apply before 30 August 2019.


Qualifications include:

  • An M.A. degree in international relations, political science, journalism, sociology or equivalent through experience;

  • Five years professional experience in government, academia, international organisations, NGOs or journalism;

  • Proven excellent writing skills and the ability to formulate well-targeted policy recommendations;

  • Strong research and analytical skills and ability to propose policy interventions;

  • Extensive knowledge of the region’s key issues;

  • A proven strong network of governmental and non-governmental officials, media and civil society in the country and region;

  • Fluency in English; strong knowledge of Arabic;

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including good public presentation skills, and a strong capacity for effective teamwork.