Associate director, online communications and publishing

  • Professional
  • in one of our offices or our HQ in, Belgium

Associate director, online communications and publishing

Job description

As a senior member of the Communications team, the Associate Director of Online Communications and Publishing plays a critical role in ensuring the timely and targeted communication of Crisis Group’s analysis and recommendations and in expanding Crisis Group’s brand recognition and global profile among policymakers, media, philanthropists and business. You are responsible for planning, developing and implementing dynamic, interactive and meaningful online media content strategies for daily community engagement as well as campaigns specifically related to Crisis Group work plan priorities. You will conceive, design and create collaborative, innovative, interactive cutting edge outputs that advance Crisis Group's policy analysis and advocacy and ensure the organisation’s online presence is relevant and engaging. Additionally, you will lead a high performing and creative team of communications specialists responsible for video, photography, website maintenance and graphic design. You will be based in one of our offices.


  • Develop and implement effective strategies that create brand awareness, raise the global profile of Crisis Group’s mission and build a global community around it;

  • Refine and oversee the implementation of the online communications strategy to effectively reach Crisis Group’s target audiences through online media channels – as designated by integrated campaign objectives tied to the organisation's priorities.

  • Anticipate emerging methods of digital storytelling and find appropriate and practical uses for those technologies within Crisis Group’s research and advocacy.

  • Oversee the coordination of online publications and project manage report launches ensuring the necessary tasks are understood and completed by programs, policy, editing, advocacy and other relevant departments;

  • Integrate various media (graphic, visual, audio) outputs into collaborative, innovative, multimedia products that augment our written outputs and will support Crisis Group on the cutting edge of interactive content and data-driven storytelling to further our policy objectives.

  • Oversee Crisis Group’s website and its other digital platforms, ensuring their ongoing stable performance and security;

  • Manage a service-oriented team that is responsible for graphic design, video, social media and website maintenance, advising on design and content;

  • Create an environment that fosters collaboration, transparency, teamwork, flexibility and creativity;

  • Train and mentor communications staff in the exploration and learning of new skills, workflows and tools;

  • Make recommendations for new avenues of study/experimentation by the Communications team;

  • Chart a course of technological improvements, additions, and upgrades, including platforms, hardware, and software needed to create visuals, media, and cross-collaborating projects in the organization.


Requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, public relations or related field or equivalent experience. Master’s degree preferred.

  • 7+ years of professional experience in policy communications and/or media management; longer experience a distinct advantage;

  • Highly collaborative style with experience in developing and implementing communications strategies and new initiatives;

  • Excellent knowledge of global politics, conflicts and societies;

  • A strong publication record and success in communicating with the public through digital and social media;

  • Demonstrated ability to manage, mentor and grow a high-performing team;

  • Fluency in English (oral and written) required.

Please apply before 17 July 2022