Representative for Dialogue Promotion

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Representative for Dialogue Promotion

Job description

In recent years, Crisis Group has implemented new ways to influence, persuade, mobilise and pressure a wider variety of decision and policy-makers. We are looking to complement Crisis Group’s existing activities by strengthening our ability to identify and support opportunities for dialogue; leveraging our organisational strengths; and improving our learning and practice on dialogue. This role will further bridge the gap between our field-based knowledge and opportunities for direct action, utilising Crisis Group’s networks of stakeholders at all levels to bring together parties on all sides. Basing their work on the existing expertise of Crisis Group’s regional programs, the Representative would identify opportunities where dialogue could be held by making use of our organisation’s long-standing ties to relevant actors; in many cases, these opportunities emerge at the request of conflict actors themselves; they often involve partnerships with mediation-focused organisations.

The Representative for Dialogue Promotion organises and manages Crisis Group events that bring together conflict parties and other stakeholders to prevent or resolve deadly violence. The initiative will enhance Crisis Group’s research, analytic and advocacy capacities. The Representative will support Crisis Group’s regional programs by planning for and organising the logistics of dialogue activities and stakeholder engagement; he or she must be able to navigate the considerable political sensitivity of such work. The role involves some drafting, including background documents and meeting outcomes.


  • Provide expertise as needed to Crisis Group colleagues on initiating, convening, and expanding dialogue activities;
  • During the first few months, assess the current state of the dialogue field, draw lessons from Crisis Group’s previous dialogue efforts, identify Crisis Group’s value-added in the field; and produce an internal memo on how to develop the dialogue initiative within Crisis Group with a view to building organisational knowledge and learning;
  • Identify potential dialogue opportunities and assess the resources required to conduct such activities, including potential for partnerships with other organisations;
  • In cooperation with regional programs, organise and lead dialogue efforts, produce policy memoranda where appropriate, and recommend follow-up steps to promote conflict prevention and resolution;
  • Hold two discussions annually with the donor to take stock of the project progress and, where possible, to present entry points for the involvement of the Swiss government, other governments or other actors as relevant and appropriate;
  • Present at least one dialogue process annually which has the potential to be led or co-steered by Switzerland.


Requirements include:

  • An educational background or proven interest in international relations and/or conflict resolution;
  • Fifteen years of relevant experience, notably in the field of mediation, negotiation of agreements and facilitation of dialogue processes in situations of armed conflict;
  • Strong networks with relevant stakeholders in Switzerland;
  • Excellent organisational skills, accurate with attention to detail;
  • Fluency in verbal and written English;
  • The ability to work well under pressure in a busy environment and under tight deadlines;
  • Team player with the ability to liaise and communicate clearly with a variety of stakeholders;
  • Availability to travel for the purpose of organising and delivering advocacy events.

Candidates should apply before 25 July 2021. 

This is a readvertisement of this role. If you have applied before, there is no need to resubmit your application.