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Request for Proposals: Strategic Planning Process - Advice and Facilitation

  • Remote, Belgium

Job description



May 2024

A.  Summary

The International Crisis Group seeks to contract a team to help us design and facilitate a strategic planning process. The team will work directly with Crisis Group’s senior leadership (president/CEO and executive VP) on a process involving Crisis Group’s staff and trustees to plan, implement and document wide-ranging consultations assessing Crisis Group’s health today and its future. It will support Crisis Group’s leadership in drafting the new strategy and accompanying documents. The team will also assess Crisis Group’s organisational structure and processes in light of its new goals. The project should begin mid-June 2024 and end mid-2025.

Non-profits and for-profits are invited to submit proposals. Consultants must have significant expertise in facilitating strategic planning, change management and designing and carrying out consultations with a diverse range of stakeholders, for international non-profits. Deep knowledge of the non-profit sector, programmatic and operational, and of research and advocacy organisations with a global presence, are essential. So too is experience of similar exercises with peer organisations. Knowledge of conflict prevention/management a major plus.

Proposals should be submitted by 7 June 2024. The proposal’s budget should include the cost of consultants and any other costs related to the strategic plan’s development (such as other facilitation costs, design etc). We will review budgets with respect to the strength of the proposal in meeting objectives in a cost-effective manner. We hope to select the candidate by 21 June 2024.

B.  Project overview and key objectives

We want to ensure that our next strategic plan is the result of a consultative process, provides Crisis Group a shared vision and goals that effectively guide our work, and sets out a roadmap for 2025-2030.

This team will:

  • Design and facilitate, in close consultation with Crisis Group’s senior leadership, a consultation process aiming to canvass stakeholders on key issues and questions.
  • Analyse and synthesise the results of those consultations, including identifying main options.
  • Assess Crisis Group’s organisational structure and processes.
  • Help draft, together with Crisis Group’s leadership and other staff, a strategic plan that reflects the organisation’s new priorities and goals.

The project may involve additional research such as landscape scans, Crisis Group document reviews and/or coordinating assessments on topics like the use of artificial intelligence.


The stakeholders we plan to involve are:


  • President’s office/senior leadership
  • Steering committee (Crisis Group’s leadership/board co-chairs/a small number of trustees)
  • Senior staff including senior management team/program directors’ group
  • Staff
  • Board of directors
  • Trustees


  • Supporters
  • Peers
  • Audience

Key issues & questions

Crisis Group’s global reach and the global public good it provides in terms of on-the-ground research, policy prescriptions and outreach (advocacy/comms) are core to our identity. That said, we expect consultations to take the pulse on all aspects of what we do and how we do it. This would include (though is not necessarily limited to) our size and our recent growth’s sustainability; our fundraising methods and investment; the role, size and composition of our board of trustees; our method, particularly in a changed operating environment, and ability to adapt; our balance of regional, cross-cutting and global work; the form of our output and activity; the use of ICT (information and communications technology), including artificial intelligence; and our operations.

Indicative timeline

We envisage a timeline roughly as follows:

  • June-August 2024: Work together with Crisis Group leadership to design consultation process involving the stakeholders detailed above. Already this period might include surveys and initial consultations. Brief steering committee regularly on process.
  • September-November 2024: Consultations, including board of trustees meeting in October and all-staff retreat in November.
  • End of November 2024: Submit report from consultations.
  • December 2024– March 2025: Support Crisis Group’s senior leadership and other staff in developing strategic framework. Plus, assessment of organisational structure in light of new goals.
  • April – May 2025: Help relevant teams operationalise strategic framework, advise on key milestones, progress tracking, communications and so forth.

Job requirements

C.  Proposal format, budget & evaluation criteria

Interested parties should prepare a proposal of no more than five pages (excluding annexes). Proposals should contain:

  • Profile of consultancy/ consultant(s), including examples of past strategic planning work.
  • Approach to delivering on the scope of the RFP, philosophical approach to strategic planning and key strategic dilemmas, including ideas, questions or limitations.
  • High-level workplan.
  • Proposed budget in U.S. dollars.
  • CVs of team, list of references and at least one relevant work sample (to be included in the annex).

On the basis of the proposals, a short list of applicants will be called for interviews.

For more information on the International Crisis Group, including our existing strategic framework, see Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions ([email protected]).