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Senior Analyst, Gulf Arab States

  • in the Gulf region eg , United Arab Emirates

Job description

Purpose of the role:
The Senior Analyst, Gulf Arab States will undertake research and draft reports, briefings and shorter publications that examine and propose solutions to prevent or mitigate deadly conflict, particularly on the foreign policies of Gulf Arab states and how they affect conflict elsewhere. The Senior Analyst will also actively champion Crisis Group policy positions and recommendations regarding the Gulf Arab states and represent the organisation at events and in the media - locally, nationally and internationally, as appropriate. We prefer the analyst to be based in the Gulf.  The start date for this position is 1 January 2025.

Specific responsibilities:

  • In consultation with relevant colleagues, conducts extensive field research in the foreign policies of Gulf Arab states and how they affect conflicts elsewhere;

  • Provides written analyses - in clear and concise fashion - in the form of detailed reports and briefing papers for publication, as well as shorter derivatives (such as podcasts and op-eds), respecting the agreed timelines;

  • Proposes policy recommendations and initiatives for conflict actors, including political, civil society and other stakeholders at the national as well as regional and international levels aimed at preventing, mitigating or resolving conflict;

  • Advocates Crisis Group policy positions and recommendations regarding conflict and represents Crisis Group at events and in the media - locally, nationally and internationally as appropriate;

  • Provides support to the MENA Program Director for Crisis Group activities and advocacy in the region and globally;

  • Independently and on a timely basis completes administrative duties, including tracking of activities, expense management, etc.;

  • As required, supervises consultants and/or stringers.

Job requirements

Requirements include:

  • At least an M.A. degree in international relations, political science, journalism, sociology or equivalent through experience;

  • Current or prior extended residence in the Gulf;

  • At least five years professional experience in government, academia, international organisations, NGOs or journalism;

  • Proven excellent writing skills and the ability to formulate well-targeted policy recommendations;

  • Strong research and analytical skills, and ability to propose and test policy interventions;

  • Extensive knowledge of the region’s key political, foreign policy and conflict-related issues;

  • A proven strong network of in governmental, non-governmental, media and civil society circles in Gulf Arab states and the region;

  • Fluency in English; strong knowledge of Arabic;

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including good public presentation skills, and a strong capacity for effective teamwork.

If interested, please submit your application by 7 July 2024.