Senior Analyst, Ukraine

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Senior Analyst, Ukraine

Job description

The International Crisis Group is seeking a Senior Analyst, Ukraine.

This is a demanding and rewarding role with substantial responsibility and freedom. The senior analyst will be well-versed in Ukraine’s dynamic political, economic and security landscape. They will hit the ground running to help define and implement a research and advocacy agenda with the aim of developing pragmatic and actionable recommendations to prevent, resolve, and mitigate the harms of deadly conflict.

The ideal candidate will be equally comfortable talking to conflict-affected civilians and combatants as in high-level meetings with senior officials. We are seeking a colleague with the ability to research deeply, write up analysis authoritatively, and advocate persuasively with stakeholders in Ukraine and around the world. They will be a self-starter, sensitive to security considerations (their own and others’), and able to meet deadlines in a fast-paced and often challenging environment.

The successful candidate will be based in Ukraine.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Works with program leadership and colleagues to develop research agenda and approaches;

  • Conducts field and desk research that incorporates, as relevant, security, political, legal, economic, technology and social issues as well as human rights, gender and governance;

  • Prepares clear and concise written analysis (reports, op eds, and white papers) independently and in collaboration with colleagues;

  • Generates policy ideas and briefs conflict actors at the national, regional and international levels;

  • Advocates Crisis Group’s positions with stakeholders, at events and in the media in Ukraine and abroad;

  • As required, supervises junior staff, consultants, and/or stringers.


Requirements include:

  • Post-graduate qualification in international relations, political science, public policy, journalism or other relevant field of academic study, or equivalent through experience;

  • At least seven years of professional experience in conflict research, analysis and prevention, whether in government, academia, international organisations, non-governmental organisations or the media;

  • Demonstrated excellent writing skills;

  • Strong research and analytical skills, and proven experience of formulating actionable policy recommendations;

  • Extensive knowledge of Ukrainian and Ukraine-related security and public policy issues, and experience living and working in the region;

  • A network of governmental and non-governmental, international, media and civil society contacts in Ukraine, the region, and beyond;

  • Fluency in English and Russian and/or Ukrainian;

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including public presentation skills;

  • Experience working successfully within a team.

Please apply before 15 August 2021.