Senior Communications and Advocacy Officer, MENA (Re-advertised)

  • Professional
  • preferably in the MENA region or in, Turkey

Senior Communications and Advocacy Officer, MENA (Re-advertised)

Job description

The Senior Communications and Advocacy Officer for MENA will coordinate and support International Crisis Group’s outreach in the region to media, governments, civil society and international organisations with the aim of conveying and disseminating - in Arabic and English (and if possible also in French) - Crisis Group’s analysis and policy recommendations on conflict-related issues. Working closely with the program director and the senior advisor as well as Crisis Group’s communications and advocacy teams, they will have an excellent understanding and knowledge of conflict in the region; an established track record of working with media and designing and implementing high-level advocacy events in the region; and proficiency in the use of social media and audiovisual materials.

The post will be full-time, with frequent travel throughout the region, and between the region and other capitals. Working with a small but highly professional team of analysts, the Officer will be expected to use innovative approaches toward promoting and disseminating Crisis Group work.


  • Design and support implementation of a communications and advocacy strategy for the MENA Program, as well as targeted events and campaigns, in close coordination with the program director and senior advisor, as well as Crisis Group’s advocacy and communications teams;

  • In collaboration with the communications team in Brussels, lead in designing and implementing communication plans for the launch in the region of Crisis Group reports and other key publications (including contributing practically to the preparation of multimedia pieces, op-eds and other commentaries, videos, podcasts, social media posts, etc.), with a focus on the Arabic, French and English language markets;

  • In coordination with Crisis Group’s advocacy teams in Brussels (EU/Europe), New York (UN) and Washington (U.S. government), lead in designing and implementing advocacy plans for the launch in the region of Crisis Group publications, and assist the program director in the planning and practical delivery of targeted advocacy events, with a focus on impact with high-level contacts in regional governments and other political actors, as well as international organisations and civil society groups;

  • Assist in designing and convening dialogue events aimed at bringing together conflict actors and other stakeholders necessary to discuss and advance Crisis Group’s publications and analysis;

  • Assist in fundraising, in collaboration with the program director and Crisis Group’s development team;

  • Edit and proofread Arabic translations of reports and other written materials.



  • At least an MA in international relations, politics, economics, communications, journalism or a similar subject;

  • Minimum 5 years’ work experience in communications and advocacy, including and especially in the MENA region;

  • Capacity to innovate;

  • Experience of working with the media, including television and press interviews;

  • Experience with social media/networks and production of audiovisual materials;

  • Excellent verbal and written fluency in Arabic and English; native Arabic speaker preferred; good understanding of French a plus;

  • A record of publishing in English and Arabic;

  • Deep knowledge of conflict issues in the MENA region;

  • A strictly non-partisan approach toward conflicts in the MENA region;

  • Excellent interpersonal relations and ability to travel regularly.

If interested, please apply by 09 April 2023.