Senior editor and policy adviser, Africa

  • Professional
  • in the region, preferably Dakar or Nairobi, Kenya

Senior editor and policy adviser, Africa

Job description

Reporting to the program director and working closely with colleagues in the program, the role provides an exciting opportunity to help shape Crisis Group’s work across Africa. The role has a particular responsibility to support the program director in working with the experts across the program to ensure that draft reports and other written work meet a high standard in terms of quality of research, writing and policy recommendations. They will work closely with the director to manage and support field staff in their research, analysis, development of policy ideas and advocacy activities.

Specific responsibilities:

  • Work with field-based experts, in consultation with the program director, to ensure Crisis Group standards in terms of policy coherence and consistency, persuasiveness in policy recommendations, and quality in English;

  • Contribute to the quality of program work by following relevant international developments in conflict and sharing this information and analysis;

  • Undertake research and draft stand-alone written work as required.


Requirements include:

  • Post-graduate qualification in international relations, political science, social sciences, journalism, or equivalent through experience;

  • Ten or more years of professional experience working in the field of conflict research, analysis and prevention - in government, academia, international organisations, non-governmental organisations or the media;

  • Extensive knowledge of the region’s security and public policy issues, and experience of living and working in Africa;

  • High quality editing skills and a track record of editing experience in English;

  • Native-level fluency in English (oral and written); proficiency in French preferred.

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

  • Strong research and analytical skills, and proven experience of formulating persuasive policy recommendations;

  • Ability to react and adapt quickly to unexpected changes, and ready to anticipate problems and provide creative solutions and meet deadlines in challenging situations;

  • Experience of working successfully within a diverse team as well as the ability to work independently in a fast-paced and often demanding environment.

If you want to be considered for this role please apply before 30 January 2022